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Are you ready for the Flu family?

Don't let the flu take over your fall. Protect yourself, your family and your co-workers by getting a flu shot. Check the schedule for on-site flu clinics and register now.

My Health: Stories that inspire
The people below couldn't have more different jobs, but each has as an inspiring story to share about living healthy.

David: Don't let tragedy be your teacher
Amanda: Small steps, big results
Ernest: If I can do it, you can

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Doctor on call
Dr. Kevin Soden
Dr. Kevin Soden
TI Consulting
Medical Director

How to travel well
Travel -- especially internationally -- can be an enriching experience that exposes us to other cultures and deepens our relationships with co-workers around the world. But it can also expose us to health risks, such as the Zika virus.

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New mosquito-borne threat
You may have read recent news reports about the Zika virus. It’s something we need to be aware of and prepared to take action against.

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What does waist size have to do with health?
Everything, says TI Consulting Medical Director Kevin Soden.

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Don't treat it, prevent it
Why spend money to fix a problem that could be avoided in the first place? Early detection can help save lives and reduce suffering in your family. TI's medical insurance plans provide extensive coverage to help participants take an active role in maintaining good health.

The periodic preventive health office visit and screening tests recommended for your age and gender are covered at 100 percent. No copay, coinsurance or deductibles apply. For a detailed listing of recommended screening tests and exams, go here.

How long will you live?
Consider the facts:
  • Every year, seven out of 10 deaths among Americans are from chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, and stroke account for more than 50 percent of all deaths.
  • Four unhealthy behaviors drive much of the illness and death related to these diseases:
    1. Lack of physical activity
    2. Poor nutrition
    3. Tobacco use
    4. Excessive alcohol consumption
Research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that people who change their unhealthy behaviors are:
  • 66 percent less likely to die early from cancer
  • 65 percent less likely to die early from cardiovascular disease
  • 57 percent less likely to die early from other causes
You can check your life expectancy with the Real Age Calculator. Then come back to this page and choose the myHealth programs that will help you most.


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