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General travel advice and precautions from International SOS are applicable to all travelers regardless of destination.

Prior to travel, you should familiarize yourself with the latest situation both in your home country and the country or countries to which you are traveling.

Individual country information can be found on the International SOS website. (TI member # 1CMA1047)

For more information on medical travel alerts, log on to the International SOS website. (TI member # 1CMA1047)

Facts on Flu
For the latest information, visit the TI Flu Facts website.

Preparing for Travel
Before you go ... you need to know!
Health information in preparing for travel away from your home country. 

International SOS
Offers expert assistance and resources worldwide to help you prepare for travel, and manage health issues while on business travel away from your home country or international assignment. Contact ISOS at 215-942-8226 (collect calls are accepted).TI Corporate Medical Membership number is 1CMA1047.

TI Preferred Occupational Health Providers (internal only)
Refer to the TI preferred clinic in your area to obtain pre-travel assessment, exam, and immunizations. If there is not one in your location, contact International SOS at 215-942-8226 for a referral to a travel clinic close to you. Contact one of the TI preferred health clinics to obtain travel medicine in preparing for your international travel. Note that TI has arrangements with U.S. clinics only to provide these services. If you are an international employee, please contact the clinic in your area to determine what is available for you.

Proof of Health Insurance for Visa Applications
Click on the above link for information on obtaining proof of insurance.

Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance
TI provides BTA insurance for all TIers worldwide. The BTA plan provides insurance coverage for accidental death or dismemberment while traveling on authorized TI business. You can read more details about this benefit in the TI Health and Insurance Benefits Guide. To access the guide, go to Select the Health Benefits Web site, then select Benefits Guides from the left navigational menu and choose the guide you are looking for. The Business Travel Accident Insurance section will be listed in the table of contents at the beginning of the document.

Traveling to Dallas? Workout at Texins for free
Texins Activity Center welcomes all TIers who are traveling to Dallas on business free access to the facility on North Campus for the duration of your stay. Complete the registration waiver during your first visit and enjoy all that the facility has to offer: workout equipment, pool, indoor/outdoor track, basketball courts and more.

Helpful Travel Links
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