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Visa: Proof of Health Insurance

The TI Health Benefits team recommends that you obtain two documents for your business travel Visa:

  1. Request a Proof of Insurance for International Travel from your medical carrier by contacting its customer service group at the phone number provided on your medical insurance ID card. Be sure to tell your medical carrier the easiest way to deliver the document to you (such as mail, email or fax).
  2. Request a Proof of Assistance Letter from International SOS (ISOS) by doing one of the following:
    • Contact ISOS by phone at 800-523-6586; the TI ISOS member number is 1CMA1047.
    • If you work in the Americas, follow the instructions on this request form.

You can read more about ISOS on the TI ISOS website at > TravelWell > ISOS.

For additional information, contact:

Shawn Wilson
TI Health Benefits


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