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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Achieving a sense of balance in your life means developing strategies for managing your personal and work-related commitments and goals. The TI Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offered through the TI Employees Health Benefit Plan and provided by Magellan, can help you do just that.

Program features

Free counseling sessions. TIers have access to eight free counseling sessions per situation. Counselors use a four-step solution-oriented method to help you work through problems such as emotional and personal conflicts, depression, eldercare, parenting, death and grief, dealing with change and stress, family and relationship concerns and more. All services are private and confidential.

If additional services are needed beyond the intial eight sessions, the EAP will refer you to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna or your HMO for assistance with benefit coverage of your needed treatment.

Work-Life Resources. Magellan offers a comprehensive library of articles, tools, calculators, self-assessments, webinars, podcasts and more on topics such as childcare and parenting, adult care and aging, travel, pets, education, adoption, daily needs, special needs, safety, pregnancy, mothers at work, and on the job. A wide-range of support and service help with life's everyday challenges through all stages of your life. You can personalize your online profile to display the topics that most interest you. Need more help? Contact a work-life specialist for more personalized help.

In addition to the work-life resources above, TIers can take advantage of LifeMart, a discount program on everyday products and services. View all the discounts and deals available through LifeMart from the Work-Life Resources section of the Magellan website. This discount program is in addition to the TI Perks MarketPlace program also available to TIers and their families.

Eligibility and availability

  • Eligibility. All U.S. TIers and their families and other household members are eligible to use the EAP and Work-Life Resources.
  • Availability.The EAP services and online Work-Life Resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


There is no cost to TIers for EAP services; should additional resources outside the EAP be desired, your medical plan may cover some of the costs associated with these services.

How to set up your profile and access EAP services.

  • Set up your online profile. Go to the Magellan website at to register. Click on "New or unregistered users." Enter the TI EAP phone number, 800-888-2273, and follow the prompts to enter your information. To personalize the topics you would like to display on your member page, click Edit My Topics and select from the list.
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor. Call the EAP through TI HR Connect at 888-660-1411 and select the EAP option, or call Magellan directly at 800-888-CARE (2273).

Read more about the EAP in the current Health and Insurance Benefits Guide available at > Health > Benefits Guides.




Solution-oriented therapy

The EAP helps you work through problems using the four-step Solution-Oriented Therapy method.

Step 1
Clarify the problem.
Discuss the situation with an EAP therapist to help you determine what steps to take.

Step 2
Identify options.
Explore alternatives for resolving the problem.

Step 3
Develop an action plan.
Decide on a course of action and implement your plan.

Step 4
Work together.
Achieve your goals.




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