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How to track
HDHP-HSA expenses
•  Medical
After log-in, click "Visits & Claims" then "Medical
•  Prescription drugs
After log-in, click "View My Prescription History"
•  HSA spending
After log-in, click "Health Savings Account" then



Annual enrollment for 2018 benefits is Nov. 7-21

Enrollment for 2018 health and insurance benefits will start Tuesday, Nov. 7. Read the details here.

To verify your current coverage, log into Click the menu icon, then Health & Insurance benefits.

To revisit TI’s 2017 annual enrollment information, click here.

Need to find a doctor?

There are several ways to find a doctor in the network of whichever TI health plan you're enrolled.

Through Castlight: If you're in the High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), log into In the search box, enter the type of doctor you're looking for. You can also download the mobile app and search anytime, anywhere.

Through NetBenefits: Log into From the Menu icon at the top left, click Health & Insurance, then Medical, then "Find a Network Provider" (on the right side of the page). NOTE: With this tool you can also find dentists and other health care providers for all your enrolled benefits.

Through your health plan: On the back of your insurance ID card, call the listed phone number or visit the website.


Let your smartphone help your health

The TI benefits team has assembled a list of all the mobile apps offered by TI benefit providers. Check on financial benefits, track your fitness routines, find health care providers and keep prescriptions organized all from a smartphone or tablet. The list of providers with apps includes:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CVS Caremark
  • Cigna
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • MetLife
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Castlight Health

For the full list, read more »


How do I…?
Find a doctor in my plan?
Change my benefits due to a life event (such as a birth, adoption, death, marriage, divorce, etc.)?
File a flexible spending accounts claim?
Appeal a claim issue?
Find answers to commonly asked questions?

Castlight Health

Why pay more than you have to?
If you're in the HDHP, start saving time and money

Last year, TI implemented a powerful way to compare health care cost andquality for TIers in the High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). The smart phone app and website from Castlight Health let you locate and compare medical services, research costs for specific prodcedures and even keep track of your deductible.

Activate your account now at

Annual Deadlines
Jan. 1, 2017

2017 benefit elections take effect

Jan. 1 - March 31 December 2016 ESPP offering payroll deductions
March 31 Deadline for submitting 2016 flexible spending account claims
June 30 Deadline for submitting 2016 BCBS health insurance claims
Early November Annual enrollment for 2018 health and insurance benefits



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