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Vision care: Insurance and discounts
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TI provides two benefits which offer specific assistance for eye care.

Keep in mind that most eye care expenses are also eligible for reimbursement under the flexible spending accounts, if you sign up for the spending account during annual enrollment.

Vision Plan
The Vision Plan, administered by VSP®, offers a network of ophthalmologists, optometrists and vision care service centers for services at negotiated rates. To participate, you must elect this program during annual enrollment. You can see the 2016 monthly cost for this coverage here.

Here's a sampling of what the plan pays for covered services from a VSP network provider:

  • Annual eye exams: 100 percent after a $10 copay
  • Lenses (single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses): 100 percent after a $25 copay. (If you purchase frames and eyeglass lenses at the same time, only one $25 copay applies.)
  • Frames : 100 percent after a $25 copay, up to the plan allowance of $150 retail for covered frames every two calendar years. You receive 20 percent off any amount over the frame allowance. (If you purchase frames and eyeglass lenses at the same time, only one $25 copay applies.)
  • Contacts (elective): The plan pays 100 percent up to $200. When you choose contacts instead of glasses, your $200 allowance applies to the cost of your contacts and the fitting and evaluation exam. This exam is in addition to your eye exam to ensure proper fit of contacts. If you choose contact lenses you will be eligible for a frame one calendar year from the date the contact lenses were obtained.
See the 2016 Health and Insurance Benefits Guide for details and restrictions. You can also review plan feature details on NetBenefits during annual enrollment. Click Vision on your benefit options screen.


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