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Your dental options: Dental Basic, Dental Plus or Dental HMO
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The primary carrier for TI dental benefits is MetLife, which offers Dental Basic and Dental Plus. TI also offers the Aetna Dental HMO in some areas of the country.

To see dental coverage premiums for 2016, click here.

MetLife Dental
Dentists in the MetLife network must negotiate their rates, resulting in lower costs for both you and TI. Reasonable and customary reimbursement limits do not apply if you use MetLife network providers.

You can, however, choose any dentist to obtain dental services, with no penalty. Reasonable and customary reimbursement limits will apply.

The list of network dentists can be found on the NetBenefits® website. From the "Home Page" tab, select the "Dental" tab and then select the Plan's "Details" link and click the "Find a Network Provider" link on the right. You can search for a provider based on defined criteria or by the provider name.

The major coverage difference between Dental Basic and Dental Plus is the coinsurance amounts for services. The chart below shows the amount of coinsurance you will pay.

Deductibles, copays and coinsurance reflect your part of the cost.

Benefit Limits Dental Basic Dental Plus
Annual deductible* $50 $50
Annual maximum** $1,000 $2,000
Preventive care
Oral exam, preventive x-rays, cleanings 100% 100%
Basic services
Fillings, routine extractions, non-surgical peridontal services 50% coinsurance 20% coinsurance
Major services
Crowns, dentures, bridges, endodontics (root canal therapy) 50% coinsurance 40% coinsurance
Oral surgery, surgical periodontics 50% coinsurance 40% coinsurance
Implants (requires review by dental consultant) 50% coinsurance 40% coinsurance
Orthodontia services (adult and children) 50% coinsurance, up to lifetime maximum of $1,000 50% coinsurance, up to lifetime maximum of $1,500
*   Annual deductible applies to Basic and Major services only, not preventive and diagnostic. Limitations and exclusions may apply to services. Reasonable and customary (R&C) limits apply if you don't use a network provider.
**  This is the maximum amount the plan will pay.

For more details about the Dental Basic and Dental Plus, see the 2016 Health and Insurance Benefits Guide, available on this website under "Benefits Guides."

Aetna Dental HMO
Depending on where you live, you may have the Aetna dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) as an alternative to Dental Basic and Dental Plus. If this option is available to you, it will be displayed as an option for you on the NetBenefits® website.

A DHMO is an organization that provides benefits for most dental care needs, with no claim forms, to its members who generally live within its geographic service area. You need to choose a dentist from a list of providers in the service area when you enroll. You typically pay a copay for services.

You must receive care from your selected dentist, or be referred by your dentist to another in-network provider, to receive benefits from a DHMO. If you receive care from a dentist not approved by the DHMO, you won't receive benefit coverage.

Aetna will provide you with information about its benefits, services, and claim procedures. Key features of the DHMO, available in your area, can be viewed on the NetBenefits® website on the plan's "Detail" link.


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