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Great way to compare cost and quality for all HDHP participants

Castlight Health

TI provides every participant in the High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) an easy way to compare the cost and quality of health care providers and services.

You can activate your personal account by going to Your covered spouse and dependents over 18 can also activate their own accounts.

The web-based tools and smart phone app powered by Castlight Health will help you:

  • Get cost information on doctors, clinics, hospitals and prescription drugs.
  • Save money on routine medical care. Castlight says costs for an X-ray can vary from $20 to $288, without a difference in quality.
  • Track your annual deductible, as well as link to your health savings account balance.
  • Better understand your claims history. If you were previously enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, your claims history has been loaded into your Castlight account.

If you have any problems with your Castlight account, a Castlight representative is ready to assist you at 855-569-1901. You can also send questions to




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