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Heads up: New tax form coming to file with 2015 return
Beginning with the 2015 tax year, TIers will receive a 1095-C tax form in addition to your W-2 as part of new Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. The 1095-C includes required information about your medical coverage in 2015. Most TIers will receive the 1095-C and are required to file this form with your 2015 tax returns. Click the image to the left to watch a short video, or read the details.


Do you know how to find a doctor in your network?
Or how to increase the amount you contribute to your health savings account?
Or make a change to your benefits after a major life event, such as a birth, adoption, marriage or divorce? Answers to the most frequently asked questions about TI health benefits are available on the > Health > FAQs page. Look for the topic of your question in the detailed content list at the top of the page. Or you can click Edit in your browse, then "Find on this page," and enter a search term.

annual enrollment
Fidelity Guidance Services

Just the help you need: Free financial planning services at TI
1-on-1 sessions:  Sit down in person or over the phone with a financial planning professional.
Workshops and webinars: Get in-depth information on a variety of topics, including how to get the most from your health savings account.
Online tools: The NetBenefits website hosts a robust online library of tools and resources.

Learn more about free financial planning at TI >>

And do you know about the Annual Increase Program? It's a new way to increase your retirement savings, without a lot of effort.


Why pay more than you have to?
If you're in the HDHP,
start saving time and money

In January 2015 TI implemented a powerful way to compare health care cost and quality for TIers in the High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). The smart phone app and website from Castlight Health let you locate and compare medical services, research costs for specific prodcedures and even keep track of your deductible. Activate your account now at

Key dates to keep in mind

Jan. 1, 2016   2016 benefit elections take effect
Jan. 1 - March 31   December 2015 ESPP offering payroll deduction
March 31   Deadline for submitting 2015 FSA claims
June 30   Deadline for submitting 2015 BCBS health insurance claims
Early November   Annual enrollment for 2017 U.S. health benefits

View the 2016 TI worldwide holiday calendar here > >

View the full 2016 payroll calendar here > >

Life Events

New hire
New employee resources

Adding a child
Birth of a child
Dependent care

Special needs dependent


Spouse's employment change

Domestic Partnership
Partner's employment change

Job matters
Educational assistance
Flexible work options
International assignment or transfer

Job change
Leave of absence / FMLA
Part-time or full-time schedule change


Personal matters
Designating beneficiaries

Financial planning
Health and wellness
Legal assistance

Moving or address changeindex

Leaving TI

Death of an employee
Death of a family member

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